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All Resource Centers are presently lumped into one. Some links belong in several other different categories that has not yet been done. As time allows and size demands the Resource Centers will be divided, updated and re-categorized completely to allow you to find what you are looking for quickly.

Recently added is the Community Shared Links section with links that have not been completely vetted .

Orthotic and Prosthetic Related Links

Community Shared Links

Advocates & Rights:
  • Access Now, Inc.
    19333 West Country Club Drive #1522
    Aventura, Florida 33180
    305 705-0059
    • "Access Now, Inc."® born in March of 1998. 
    • We are the only ADA advocacy organization in South Florida which is directed solely by non-paid volunteers. 
    • Our President, Edward S. Resnick, is a retired member of the Bar and works entirely pro-bono, overseeing the work of the various law firms (eight) consulting firms (five) and inspectors (one) whose services we presently engage.  
    • However, our goal in the near term has been to obviate the necessity and expense of going to trial by instead entering, during the course of litigation, into negotiations which conclude with a Stipulation for Settlement, which details how and within what time frame an entity will make the alterations which will result in its compliance under the law. 
    • We also try to minimize the legal and consultant fees incurred. 
    • Our ultimate goal is to sufficiently spread the word whereby public accommodations will make the necessary alterations on their own to comply with the law, instead of the prevailing attitude of waiting for someone to catch up with them. We believe that we have been fulfilling our promise as to the first goal and we are trying to fulfill our mission as to the second goal.
  • Access to Medical Care for Individuals with Mobility Disabilities
    • http://www.ada.gov/medcare_ta.htm
  • ADA Document Center
  • American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)
    1629 K Street NW, Suite 503
    Washington, DC 20006
    • The largest national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the United States, dedicated to ensuring economic self-sufficiency and political empowerment for the more than 56 million Americans with disabilities. AAPD works in coalition with other disability organizations for the full implementation and enforcement of disability nondiscrimination laws, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  Membership is affordable and only $15.00 annually per person.
    • We are over 50 million strong - People with disabilities in America, plus our families and friends. We see the need for one unifying membership organization to leverage the numbers of people with disabilities and their families and friends to access economic and other benefits to form an organization which will be a positive private-sector force to achieve the goal of full inclusion in American society.
    • Three words that best describe AAPD: Unity, Leadership and Impact . . .
    • Unity, leadership and impact are the hopes and convictions of people with disabilities and are necessary to ensure the future of inclusion promised by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Legal:
    • National Alliance of the Disabled
      • An online advocacy and informational organization dedicated to establishing the voices of people with disabilities first and foremost in all decisions that affect our lives.
      • http://www.naotd.org
    • The National Council on Disability
      • Equal opportunity is the focus from a 20-year-old organization with a new site.
      • Links to publications and federal government information sources.
      • http://www.ncd.gov/
  • Not Dead Yet
    • The threat to people with disabilities when the issue of assisted suicide is what prompted his group into action.
    • http://acils.com/
  • Paraquad
    • Independent living is the main focus of this site.
    • Paraquad is based in St. Louis and deals with some local flavor, but has well needed information regarding independent living
    • founded by Max and Colleen Starkloff.
    • http://www.paraquad.org/

Articles, Books & Publications:

    • American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists
      • An Advanced Ground Reaction Design Ankle-Foot Orthosis to Improve Gait and Balance in Individuals With Post-Stroke Hemiparesis: A Case Series
      • Hale, Jennifer; Seale, Jill; Jennings, Jason; DiBello, Thomas
      • JPO Journal of Prosthetics & Orthotics:
      • January 2013 - Volume 25 - Issue 1 - p 42?47
      • http://journals.lww.com/jpojournal/Abstract/2013/01000/An_Advanced_Ground_Reaction_Design_Ankle_Foot.6.aspx
    • Dynamic Brace Beats Post-Polio Boomerang
      • By Miki Fairley
      • Feb. 2010
      • http://www.oandp.com/articles/2010-02_02.asp
    • Kenny Mayne's Big Break
      • By Kenny Mayne | ESPN The Magazine
      • The former UNLV quarterback recounts the injury that ended his career
      • Published: July 11, 2012
      • http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8133033/former-unlv-quarterback-kenny-mayne-recounts-end-football-career-espn-magazine
    • Doctor works to bring high-tech foot braces to Montana
      • By TRISTAN SCOTT of the Missoulian
      • August 18, 2012
      • http://missoulian.com/news/state-and-regional/doctor-works-to-bring-high-tech-foot-braces-to-montana/article_9a0a2f8e-e9b2-11e1-8132-0019bb2963f4.html
    • Embracing New Bracing Technology
      • By Justin Franz
      • August 22, 2012 Article at Flathead Beacon
      • http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/embracing_new_bracing_technology/29339/
    • Guide to Biomechanics
      • Includes easy-to-understand definitions of many of the terms in the field of biomechanics.
      • It also has links to many pages about biomechanics and sports, including football, swimming, and track and field.
      • http://www.startlocal.in/articles/educational_articles_a_guide_to_biomechanics.html
    • Orthopedia Wiki ~ Floor Reaction AFO
      • Composite AFO Design by Dynamic Bracing Solutions.
      • It also has links to many pages about the Orthopedic field.
      • http://orthopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Floor_Reaction_AFO
    • Prosthetics History
      • Prosthetic history begins with humankind's spiritual and functional need for wholeness. Prostheses were developed for function, cosmetic appearance, ...
      • www.nupoc.northwestern.edu
    • Taste at Oxbow event raises money for local artist
      • Article about Lynne Tuft, a local artist and beloved teacher
      • Letters to the Editor on 12/8/2012 by Marcy Nielsen-Berruezo/Napa
      • http://napavalleyregister.com/news/opinion/mailbag/taste-at-oxbow-event-raises-money-for-local-artist/article_fe9c0ec8-41b8-11e2-b283-001a4bcf887a.html
    • Troubleshooting A Custom Orthosis
      • http://www.fillauer.com
    Books: Publications:
    • Orthotics and Prosthetics Business News
      • http://www.oandp.com/
    • O & P Business News
      • O&P Business News is one of the leading publications amongst orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic professionals and is consistent with the other high quality resources.
      • http://www.oandpbusinessnews.com
    • Orthopedics Today
      • Web page for Orthopedics Today magazine
      • Feb. 1997 Interview with AAOS President Kenneth E. DeHaven, MD
      • http://www.slackinc.com/idirectories/onet-p.htm
    • Reachout Magazine
      • http://www.reachoutmag.com
    • Stride Magazine
      • Quarterly publication offering information for caregivers. Current issue requires registration. Free...
      • www.stridemagazine.com/

Community Empowerment:

  • Accredited Online Colleges
    • Over 1,600 Accredited Online Colleges in their Database.
    • Accredited Online Colleges is the web's premier site for finding accredited online colleges around the US. School accreditation is vital to ensuring a quality education. But, determining accreditation can feel like working your way through a maze. Let their site be your guide. Accredited Online Colleges lets you search through countless accredited schools, based on a variety of criteria, to find the accredited college that best meets your needs.
    • http://www.accreditedonlinecolleges.org/
    • http://www.accreditedonlinecolleges.org/resources/accredited-online-colleges-and-disability-education/
  • American Association of People with Disabilities
    • Interesting "disabilities in the news" section and a list of links.
    • Most of the site is devoted to a description of the organization.
    • http://www.aapd.com/
  • Curbcut
    • Curbcut is a comprehensive disability site is one of the best on the web.
    • Highly recommended
    • http://www.communityinclusion.org/curbcut/
  • Disabilities-r-us
    • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel created by and for people with disabilities.
    • Has links, structured weekly chats.
    • http://www.disabilities-r-us.com/
  • Exhale
    • Teens "for those of us coming of age with disabilities."
    • Designed and edited by 15-year-old Michael Neil,
    • the page offers discussions, resources and hot topics
    • http://www.ecentral.com/exhale
  • On A Roll
    • Greg Smith's On A Roll web site is an information center for his network of live weekly talk shows airing in markets across the country. Archived shows with their thoughtful editorial content; can be heard with RealAudio plug in.
    • http://www.thestrengthcoach.com/
  • Online Courses
    • A free collection of open college course that spans from video, audio lectures and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princeton and MIT, just to name a few.
    • The project has primarily physics,?chemistry,?computer science,?mathematics?and a?faculty mix?of courses.
    • http://www.onlinecourses.com
  • Public Health Guidebooks to better help job seekers, professionals, and students
    • Guidebooks to better help job seekers, professionals, and students
    • http://www.mphprogram.com/
    • Key updates to these websites include:
      • A comprehensive look at the growth of online public health degree programs at not-for-profit universities
      • Tips for pursuing a graduate degree in public health (MPH, DPH, etc) while working
      • A list of top MPH and graduate programs in public health services for ROI
      • Advice for international students interested in continuing their public health education at a US college
    • http://www.publichealthdegrees.org/
  • The SCI Connection Page
    • Find other people with spinal cord injury, enter basic information about yourself, and be found by others.
    • Membership is free of charge.
    • http://www.sciconnection.com/

Coping Skills:

  • Active Mobility
    1404 SW 13TH COURT
    • Since 1992, we have been a leader in providing, maintaining and servicing assistive and rehab technology equipment and supplies. 
    • We pride ourselves for listening to the consumer's needs when helping to recommend equipment for the rest of their lives.  
    • We assist clients achieve or regain their independence and mobility.  
    • We pride ourselves with supplying the correct equipment which matches each individuals needs.  
    • We try to learn about our potential clients, to get the "whole picture" about their needs.  
    • Make every day Independence day at Active Mobility Center.  
    • Let us maximize your abilities.
  • Associated Rehabilitation Counseling Specialists
    • Free advice on coping by writer Robert Lovering's not-for-profit site, by phone or e-mail, for people with disabilities.
    • You can purchase his books from this site.
    • http://www.sebringsil.com/sahl.htm
  • Center for Independent Living
    6660 Biscayne Blvd
    Miami, FL 33138
    (305) 751-8025
    • Centers are not-for profit, non-residential, community-based organizations that are consumer-controlled and managed.  The majority of people managing, controlling and working at the Center are people with disabilities who understand your concerns and special needs.  The Center promotes and practices an independent living philosophy of consumer-control, peer role modeling, self-determination, equal access, and advocacy to maximize leadership, empowerment, independence, productivity, integration, and full inclusion of people with disabilities into the mainstream of society.
    • The Center’s mission is to assist anyone with a disability in achieving and maintaining an independent and self-determined lifestyle to the maximum extent possible and to vigorously advocate for systems change that results in equality, dignity, and freedom of choice, and eliminates barriers that prevent people with disabilities from achieving their full potential.
  • Disable Hotline
    • Recommended
    • Non-profit site offering help to all people with disabilities including their friends and families.
    • A 24-hour telephone hotline, access to instructional videos and Disabled Hotline's public access television programming.
    • Lots of good links!
    • http://www.disability-online.com/Detailed/4.html
  • Expertise.com
    • A comprehensive guide for people living with disabilities
    • Non-biased - written by industry experts
    • Guide aims to help make the federal grants available to
      • seniors,
      • veterans,
      • and disabled people
    • much easier to understand and take advantage of, particularly for remodeling homes for accessibility
    • Guide to Home Remodeling for Disability and Special Needs:
    • http://www.expertise.com/home-and-garden/home-remodeling-for-disability-and-special-needs
  • Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide
    • http://www.improvenet.com/a/fire-safety-and-disabilities-guide
  • Home Advice Guide
    • Kitchen Safety for Disabled Children
    • http://www.homeadviceguide.com/kitchen-safety-disabled-children/
  • Home Safety for People with Disabilities
    • http://www.nfpa.org/safety-information/for-consumers/populations/people-with-disabilities/home-safety-for-people-with-disabilities
  • The Independence Bank
    • Job opportunities for the people with disabilities.
    • Send in your resumes and they will place in front of potential employers.
    • http://www.ind-bank.org
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Help
    • Very helpful site for those looking for counseling and educational services on physical, psychological and social aspects of living with MS, including family, friends, partners and caregivers.
    • http://www.healingwell.com/ms/
  • A Safety Guide for Disabled Pedestrians
    • http://www.onlineloancalculator.org/resources/disabled-pedestrians.php
  • Pain Online
    • Very good resource about pain associated with spinal cord injury and stroke.
    • Technical at times, search for effective treatment for you or someone you know.
    • http://www.painonline.org

Cross Disability:

  • disAbility Resources
    • Excellent disability-related links,
    • by C2 quadriplegic Jim Lubin.
    • Recommended.
    • http://www.makoa.org/index.html
  • Evan Kemp Associates
    • A very good list of cross-disability links and resources for all disability groupings.
    • http://www.dimenet.com/dimeweb/other.htm





  • American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists
    • http://www.oandp.com/academy
  • College Park - TruStep Foot
    • http://www.college-park.net/
  • Easter Seals South Florida
    1475 NW 14th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33125-1692
    305 325-0470
    • Easter Seals has been helping individuals with disabilities and special needs, and their families, live better lives for more than 80 years. From child development centers to physical rehabilitation and job training for people with disabilities, Easter Seals offers a variety of services to help people with disabilities address life's challenges and achieve personal goals.  Easter Seals South Florida provides services to children and adults with or without disabilities and other special needs. Through our services, we also give support to their families.
  • International Society on Prosthetics and Orthotics
    • http://www.strath.ac.uk
  • Lincolnshire, UK Post Polio Group
    69 Woodvale Avenue,
    Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN6 3RD, United Kingdom.
    +44 (0)1 522 888 601
    • We are Polio Survivors (not Doctors) who, after years of stable functioning following recovery from Polio, are experiencing new deterioration. In most cases these problems have been gradual and medically noted (not explained) over the last 15+ years. Until May 1995 we knew nothing about PPS, and our then Secretary heard the term 'old polio' relating, she was told, to breathing problems being experienced by people who had been in iron lungs. In November 1995 she asked a Consultant could Polio be her problem? The answer that she presented the same symptoms as another patient who had had polio as a child, led her to start searching for more information. In February 1996 radio broadcasts and local news items started to bring together Polio Survivors in Lincolnshire. In late July 1996 - having been put in touch with The Leicestershire Polio Network - some of us decided to form The Lincolnshire Polio Network, later renamed The Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network, to enable us to share information with other networks in the United Kingdom and worldwide.
    • Los Rancho Amigos
  • National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics
    • http://www.oandp.com/organiza/naaop/index.htm
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics On-Line
    • http://www.oandp.com
  • Polio Canada – March of Dimes
    10 Overlea Blvd.
    Toronto, ON M4HIA4
    • Polio Canada, a program of March of Dimes - support, information, empowerment, awareness.  Together we have Polio Power!!  Information on the work Polio Canada does to support survivors, educate professionals, create awareness and support local support groups.
  • Polio Survivors & Associates
    • PSA is a Rotarian Action Group dedicated to the humanitarian assistance of polio survivors. PSA is a logical extension of Rotary’ concern for the health needs of the world and acting as the living legacy of the worldwide PolioPlus program to eradicate polio. This Action Group operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not controlled by Rotary.
    • PSA was founded in 2003 as a Rotarian Fellowship whose members were individuals and groups with a common interest in polio survivors; health issues such as post polio syndrome; polio support groups; related organizations and institutions. In 2005, the Rotary International Board of Directors recognized the value of these Fellowships and their potential for assisting RI in implementing humanitarian programs throughout the world, and formed Rotarian Action Groups.
  • Post Polio Health International
    4207 Lindell Boulevard, #110
    Saint Louis, Missouri 63108-2915 USA
    • Post-Polio Health International's mission is to enhance the lives and independence of polio survivors and home ventilator users through education, advocacy, research and networking.
  • Post Polio Network of WA Inc.
    PO Box 257 
    Subiaco  WA  6904
    (08) 9383 9050
    • The Post Polio Network of WA Inc is a self help group of Polio survivors formed to improve the ability of members to function as independently and with as few problems as possible as they reach a mature age.  This is achieved by provision of information on polio's late effects to both survivors and health professionals; a free preliminary assessment clinic and local research.
    • Polio people are renowned for their independence.  In WA we try to come up with ways to maintain our own control over what is happening to us.  Many of the options we have found in dealing with "late effects" are simple self-help methods that can apply to anyone but may be of particular significance for polio's.
  • "Putting the Public Back in Public Health" by finding and sharing quality health information with those in need.
    340 S LEMON AVE #5780
    WALNUT, CA 91789
    • Our team is comprised of volunteers who are driven to educate and empower others to action, as well as paid experts working to incorporate market research with public health to identify and promote quality content. We hope that the resources we provide will empower others to make a difference in their community and will inform their personal health-related decisions.
  • State-by-State Help for Family Caregivers
    • https://caregiver.org/family-care-navigator
  • United Amputee Services Association
    • http://www.oandp.com/organiza/uasa/index.htm

Orthopedic Groups:

  • AAOS On-Line
    • AAOS On-Line Service
    • http://www.aaos.org/
  • Association of Operating Room Nurses
    • Publications & Services
    • Education & Certification information
    • Employment Opportunities
    • http://www.aorn.org
  • Center for Orthopedic Research
    • They are trying to improve orthopedics for now and the future.
    • http://www.ors.org/
  • Kaiser Permanente
    • Kaiser Permanente National Site.
    • [USA] A not-for-profit organization serving members in several states and Washington, DC.
    • https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org
  • Kids Health!
    • Health of children and teens
    • Growth, food & fitness, childhood infections & etc...
    • The Nemours Foundation created by their medical experts
    • http://KidsHealth.org/
  • Orthopedic Research Society
    • Latest research
    • Information , case studies, etc...
    • http://www.ors.org/
  • Orthopedic Email Lists & Discussion Forums - Orthopedic Web Links
    • Assessment of an electronic mailing list for orthopedic and trauma surgery Medical electronic mailing lists have grown rapidly with the evolution of the Internet.
    • Email lists, newsgroups and discussion forums for orthopedic and related musculoskeletal concerns.
    • http://www.orthopaedicweblinks.com/Email_Lists/index.html
  • Southern California Orthopedic Institute.
    • Leading educator of medical professionals even worldwide.
    • Highlights anatomy, sports medicine, orthopedic procedures, and more.
    • http://www.scoi.com/
  • The William H. Welch Medical Library
    • Good source for medical references plus links to other sources, such as, libraries, organizations, publications, and more.
    • http://www.welch.jhu.edu/

Parenting: (also see Women)

  • Cleveland FES Center
    • FES research and applied technology.
    • The FES Center's site is recommended if you are interested in what's already happening in FES research.
    • Direct links to researchers.
    • http://fescenter.case.edu/
  • Resources for Parents with Disabilities
    • Information, support and resources for parents with disabilities, from books to web resources and tips
    • http://www.disabledparents.net
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Noteable Articles

Wounded Warrior takes another step towards his goal
November 12, 2009
By David P. Newman,PT,DPT,OCS

Kenny Mayne's big break
By Kenny Mayne | ESPN The Magazine

The former UNLV quarterback recounts the injury that ended his career
Originally Published: July 11, 2012
Article at ESPN.com

Dynamic Brace Beats Post-Polio Boomerang
By Miki Fairley

Feb. Article at OandP.com

Doctor works to bring high-tech foot braces to Montana
By TRISTAN SCOTT of the Missoulian

August 18, 2012 Article at Missoulian.com

Embracing New Bracing Technology
By Justin Franz

August 22, 2012 Article at Flathead Beacon

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