Facts About Amputation

  • 90% of all amputations are lower extremity
  • 77% Males
  • 3 million amputees in United States, estimated
  • 50% between 21 - 65 years old
  • #1 cause - vascular
  • 50% of vascular amputations are caused by Diabetes
  • 80% of diabetic amputations are over 50 years old
  • Majority of Diabetic amputations are preventable
  • The reasons for an amputation include congenital amputation, tumors, vascular diseases, infections, and trauma
  • Trauma is the second leading cause for amputation.
  • Tumors (any growth that necessitates amputation) are the third most common cause for amputation.
  • Congenital amputation (being born without a limb), is the least common reason for amputation.
  • Phocomelia usually presents itself as very small, deformed versions of normal limbs
  • Gangrene is a deadly infection that must be amputated before it spreads, usually found on the foot of victims with poor circulation.
  • Radiation exposure near the site of the Chernobyl disaster in Russia have left numerous children limb deficient
  • Thalidomide in tranquilizers were given to pregnant mothers in Western Europe of the early 1960s. The result was a drastic increase in the number of babies born with deformed limbs.

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DynamicBracingSolutions™ is The National Network of Clinicians dedicated to a 21st Century approach to HOLISTIC bracing for neuromuscular disorders.

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"The challenge, was it worth it? Yes! Definitely worth it. There are times that I can sort of march, that I was never able to do before. I can go longer distances when I walk my dog and I don't feel like my knee is going to buckle." -- M.E. MD

"The challenge was worth every bit, I mean, it just gets you all excited about (it) and you want to go do it again. That's what life's about, it's challenges and pushing yourself to another goal." -- E.W. All American Over Sixty TriAthlete

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