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PSAFORx: Triplanar Control Dynamic Response Graphite Composite AFO
Dx: To be utilized for a person with physical limitations of the lower extremities. Those limitations include skeletal deviations that lead to deformities and functional deficits that impair normal safe walking. This design can work well with any neuromuscular disorder, paralysis, or weakness. It outperforms conventional bracing regardless of materials composition.

Intended usage: to prevent deformities by decreasing deforming forces with multiple and proper three point pressure systems on each structural deficit in each of the three cardinal planes. The corrective force systems are individually designed force applications that prevent and correct deformities. Correcting deformities through structural alignment makes an improved walking function possible. A more secure and efficient outcome for those with physical limitations is realized.

The device is dynamic by design. As the two struts flex when walking, it provides two important elements: a dynamic response and a dynamic variable control system for the knee. The dynamic response propels the limb forward to return energy to the body and assists in ground clearance. Control of the knee is achieved with a variable, progressive resistance from the orthosis when walking. This prevents the knee from buckling, but offers the possibility of more efficient, secure walking.


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DynamicBracingSolutions™ is The National Network of Clinicians dedicated to a 21st Century approach to HOLISTIC bracing for neuromuscular disorders.

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"The challenge, was it worth it? Yes! Definitely worth it. There are times that I can sort of march, that I was never able to do before. I can go longer distances when I walk my dog and I don't feel like my knee is going to buckle." -- M.E. MD

"The challenge was worth every bit, I mean, it just gets you all excited about (it) and you want to go do it again. That's what life's about, it's challenges and pushing yourself to another goal." -- E.W. All American Over Sixty TriAthlete

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