Did You Know?

Did you know your leg has 88 ligaments and 54 muscles
Did you know your foot has 26 bones, plus a few sesamoid bones.
Did you know your trunk has 86 ligaments and 62 muscles.
Did you know your arm has 34 ligaments and 42 muscles.
Did you know 80% of lower limb deformities are Ligamentous in nature.
Did you know 20 % of lower limb deformities are skeletal in nature.
Did you know it requires 20% more energy to walk with a locked knee.
Did you know it requires over 40% more energy to walk with two locked knees.
Did you know it requires 6% more energy to walk with a locked ankle.
Did you know you will have a better outcome with triplanar control than without
Did you know there are only 10 - 20 practitioners in the USA that can practice triplanar control effectively in their designs.
Did you know Achilles Tendon Contractures are the most common contracture in the lower extremities. The proper way to check for an achilles tendon contracture, is to isolate the Talo-crurial joint (Ankle Joint). The motion of moving your foot up and down should take place at the ankle joint. A false reading is commonly incorporated into this test by measuring all the mid foot motion, many times masking the contracture. The foot is made up of 26 bones and each of the bones are held together by ligaments. If an Achilles Tendon contracture prevents motion at the ankle joint, then the little ligaments get repetitive stress on each step. The abnormal motion that develops by stretching ligaments is called a deformity. This deformity requires triplanar control.
Did you know conventional bracing cannot provide triplanar control. Conventional bracing are those that are open in the front, made of Polypropylene and or Metal and leather. Some practitioners utilize conventional designs but laminate with carbon graphite. The outcome is similar.
Did you know, that the reason clients tend to roll their ankle into the edge of an orthosis, is that the orthosis is not controlling the structural deficits well enough. Heat molding the Orthosis is not the best way to take care of the real problem?
Did you know, that the majority of orthotic devices are not strong enough to control the structural deficits that a patient has, mainly because the failure of the clinical team, to recognize all the structural needs in all three planes, and demand that they are met in the final outcome.
Did you know, a Polypro AFO & Double Upright AFO can only control effectively in the Sagittal plane (Front & back)?
Did you know most stability is required from side to side (Coronal Plane).
Did you know, that video is an excellent way to document functional outcomes of P&O clients?
Did you know, even though you have tried several AFO's and had Physical Therapy, that there are new Technologies helping clients get out of wheelchairs and walking securely.
Did you know, when educated, most clients will pick an orthosis based on functional outcomes and not on; cheapest, lightest, and smallest..
Did you know, the shoe plays a very important role when wearing a dynamic brace from DynamiicBracingSolutions™. It must be fit as snug as possible to hold the device and the foot together. The shoe must control the heel from slipping or pulling out the dynamic device. When the brace, leg and foot work as one, the better the outcome.

What Do We Know!
  • …a mal aligned extremity that has not been addressed under weight bearing conditions will proceed to increase the deformity.
  • …the greater the deformity, the less balance, decreased velocity, more need for assistive devices and aid from others.
  • …humans are not meant for walking on their upper extremities.
  • …rotational deformities need to be de-rotated back to the anatomic position.
  • …for an object to maintain an upright position, it needs a good foundation.
  • …insufficient bracing does not work. (Each structural and functional deficit needs to be addressed to prevent further deformities and increase functional outcomes.)
  • …the cost of preventing debilitating problems is far less than the cost after compounding problems have developed.
  • …we can predict and prevent many deformities, even under weight bearing situations.
  • …we can improve Functional Outcomes, if we can properly address the problem and everyone is committed.
  • …we know that the majority of clients require some degree of rotational control and don't get it.

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DynamicBracingSolutions™ is The National Network of Clinicians dedicated to a 21st Century approach to HOLISTIC bracing for neuromuscular disorders.

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"The challenge, was it worth it? Yes! Definitely worth it. There are times that I can sort of march, that I was never able to do before. I can go longer distances when I walk my dog and I don't feel like my knee is going to buckle." -- M.E. MD

"The challenge was worth every bit, I mean, it just gets you all excited about (it) and you want to go do it again. That's what life's about, it's challenges and pushing yourself to another goal." -- E.W. All American Over Sixty TriAthlete

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