DynamicBracingSolutions™ is The National Network of Clinicians dedicated to a 21st Century approach to HOLISTIC bracing for neuromuscular disorders.

It is DynamicBracingSolutions'™ purpose to provide solutions to deficiencies in locomotion on an individual basis. Providing solutions that enable a person to reach their potential outcome. Rehabilitation is to restore to a former capacity; state of efficiency; condition of health or useful and constructive activity. The most important factor is caring to make a difference. DynamicBracingSolutions™ is really about people helping people to regain function otherwise lost to disability.

Unity of purpose is the primary motivation. Orthotic services cannot be separated from Physical Therapy services. Every member of the team is responsible to the goals of rehabilitation. The client is ultimately responsible for the outcome with the help of the team clinicians.


To enable the ultimate goal of efficient walking requires much more than making a brace for a limb. It requires a greater understanding of the Individual in need. Efficient walking must be planned. There are a plethora of issues that must first be recognized before they can be solved. The bracing of the future will no longer just be molded materials around a limb; it will improve the alignment of the limb better than ever before, it will offer more functional possibilities, the movement strategy and the brace will be designed to work together symbiotically for the person as a Solution based program, with efficient outcomes planned. In order to enable a person to reach new potentials, even potentials once thought unobtainable, a studied commitment by all involved is necessary.

We have all seen amputees walk and run with ease and grace. Why can't a brace user do that? Even people with very low-level paralysis involvement rarely can emulate what many amputees can do functionally. Why is that? The Solution development is more complex. Utilizing new clinical theories in lower-limb orthotics that are evidence based can enable a brace user to stand, walk, and even run more efficiently. New bracing solutions are now making it possible to close the gap between prosthetic's and orthotic's capabilities. These new bracing solutions are based on new or expanded concepts, designs, and advanced materials.

Chal-lenge vt. 1) to invite somebody (or oneself) to participate in a (activity), fight, contest, or competition, 2) to dare somebody to do something, 3) to stimulate somebody by making demands on the intellect (Neuro stimulation)
n 1) to invite somebody (or oneself) to participate in a (activity) fight, contest, or competition, 2) a test of somebody's abilities or a situation that tests somebody's abilities in a stimulating way
En-a-ble vt 1) to provide somebody with the resources, authority, or opportunity to do something, 2) to make something possible or feasible
-- from Encarta World English Dictionary copyright 1999

The new bracing solutions only enable an individual with a greater potential than they had before; what the person does with it is critical to the outcome. The people who have faced the challenge and overcame the obstacles are living a better life. Outcomes once thought unobtainable are now being realized. Activities thought lost forever are being reclaimed. A majority of the users can do more and use less energy and experience a reduction in fatigue. Many have a reduction in pain and many people feel stronger. Balance and security are improved with better mechanics and patterning; standing and walking are more efficient. Majority of individuals have downgraded the need for other assistive devices (canes, crutches) and majority of users are more active. Some people have regained muscles or muscle strength caused by disuse atrophy syndrome(s). Psychological benefits for users and members of their support systems have been witnessed.

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DynamicBracingSolutions™ is The National Network of Clinicians dedicated to a 21st Century approach to HOLISTIC bracing for neuromuscular disorders.

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"The challenge, was it worth it? Yes! Definitely worth it. There are times that I can sort of march, that I was never able to do before. I can go longer distances when I walk my dog and I don't feel like my knee is going to buckle." -- M.E. MD

"The challenge was worth every bit, I mean, it just gets you all excited about (it) and you want to go do it again. That's what life's about, it's challenges and pushing yourself to another goal." -- E.W. All American Over Sixty TriAthlete

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