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Highlights 2010 Sunday
DBS Highlights, 2010
The year 2010 was a very rewarding and exciting year for DynamicBracingSolutions, due to the outcomes people achieved utilizing our advanced technologies and methodologies. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our patients, and believe that this year has shown our great strides in this forever process.

One of our most exciting new directions was developing bracing solutions for our returning wounded warriors. We were honored when asked to help improve the lives of soldiers with paralyzed lower limbs, and worked to enable them to return to a very high level of activity. The opportunity brought new and exciting challenges for us, as well as reward and great success.

The first soldier we treated is now commanding 300-plus men in Iraq, and on his feet 16 hours a day. For the first time, our bracing solutions are offering a viable option for these soldiers to either remain on active duty, or to medically retire. We have been successful in eliminating severe pain in feet and ankles with our advanced designs, and enabling our soldiers to run again. We were the first to enable soldiers with fused ankles to run. We have been successful in preventing amputations by eliminating pain and/or returning the soldiers to a high level of function. The majority of our wounded warrior patients have returned to running, jumping, playing basketball, and walking with a more natural gait. These soldiers are elite athletes who are very in tune with their bodies and know how to achieve their physical goals. It has been an honor to help them achieve the goal of recovering physical function and returning to life.
Military Men
We were honored to receive medals given by Brig. General Jones, acknowledging the work that we were doing with these wounded warriors. We were further honored by Lt. Col. Jayne, head of PM&R department at Tripler Army Medical Center. Another high-ranking surgeon, from BAMC in San Antonio, honored us for moving the DOD (Department of Defense) forward, stating that we had done more to improve the DOD's care of lower limb orthotics than any other organization in the last 40 to 50 years.

The various DBS-licensed clinicians have witnessed some ground-breaking outcomes in the field of orthotics in 2010. The long list includes:

  • Muscles getting stronger, not weaker, utilizing DBS technologies and methodologies
  • Handsfree standing for nearly everyone, including those that could not accomplish this task before DBS
  • Two DBS users who could barely walk with crutches before using DBS, and who are now strong enough, with corrected alignment and patterning, to stand and walk handsfree without braces. Two others who faced similar challenges and accomplished the same goals.
  • Elimination or minimization of pain utilizing DBS
  • Ability to run, sprint, jog, jump, skip, dance, and walk more efficiently
  • Regaining of previously lost abilities and activities
  • Increased muscle efficiency when using DBS
  • Elimination of falls
  • Elimination or lessening of assistive device use, including crutches, canes, scooters, and wheelchairs.
  • Increase of activity with less effort
  • Increased quality of life
Several national, regional and local lectures and presentations were given by DBS clinicians in the past year to our peers and to people in need. In most cases, DBS clinicians were personally invited to present.

DBS provided a couple basic and intermediate Triplanar Management courses for orthotists and Physical Therapists interested in learning the new bracing concepts and methodology. We plan on continuing the basic Triplanar Management courses and have at least one advanced course in 2011 for clinicians.

DBS has a growing high-quality clinician base around the country. We have traveling clinicians who train other clinicians, while treating clients at outlying clinics and military bases. Several of our clinicians logged thousands and thousands of driving and flying miles in 2010, working to enhance the lives of others. We are proud of their commitment to improve the outcomes of our clients.

Dependability and Durability is Earned, not Given
We have had a great year in regard to clinician dependability and bracing solution durability, and enjoy better underlying confidence from our patients. We have an exceptional record even with very active and high-functioning soldiers. We know that this -- in both our clinicians and our walking solutions -- is not freely given, but earned.

DynamicBracingSolutions was honored to donate to the Human Gait Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of walking efficiency and the educational process for clinicians. The HGI has a similar philosophy of helping people with physical limitations, first by helping people to walk more efficiently, and secondly by educating clinicians to improve their understanding and skills for developing better solutions for people in need.

DBS has had a few articles published regarding our advanced bracing concepts and/or outcomes. We wrote four articles in 2010, with one article currently in the submission process, and three others in final edits before submission. We have set an even higher publication goal for 2011.

We will be expanding our web presence this year, with additional information, videos, and testimonials on the website.

Research, Data Collection, and Evidenced-Based Outcomes

DBS has always been driven by outcomes, and will continue this motivation with an expanded process in 2011. We plan to collect more outcome-based data, to be published in the future. It is clear to us that our outcomes excel beyond the norm in lower extremity orthotics.

The Human Gait Institute has asked us to participate in a research project to objectively collect outcome data from three different proven methods. Several DBS-licensed clinicians will collect and send the data to HGI. They have been given specific instructions on how to collect the data. HGI will process the data, as well as send it to independent sources.

Through this and other studies, DBS looks forward to receiving validation for the ground-breaking outcomes enabled by our methods.

DynamicBracingSolutions has lots of exciting projects for 2011. We plan to get even better at helping people to improve their lives.

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